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Dieticians & Nutritionists

Dieticians & Nutritionists

There are many reasons why you might want the services of a mobile dietitian – a dietician who will visit you, rather than requiring you to make the journey to a clinic, to see them.

First up, your home is where you eat most of your meals, so it makes sense, if you’re talking about diet, to be in the environment where the diet is practiced! And when we need a dietitian, it’s often because we have a major, primary ailment that makes travel difficult, even impossible.

Then again, it’s hard to get the whole of your footy team into a dietician’s consulting room to have a diet workshop.

Our Dietitian can also offer compassionate support for eating disorders and chronic diseases.

At On The Go Rehab, our Dietitian is available to visit you at your home or venue, to create a diet that will:

  • Help you manage your weight
  • Assist with any disordered eating
  • Accelerate your recovery from surgery
  • Improve your general metabolic condition
  • Recover from heart disease
  • Support diabetic treatment
  • Improve the performance of your sports team

Our Dietitian will work with your likes, dislikes and your goals for yourself and support you in achieving them.

If you want the very best dietary advice, delivered right where it can best be used, talk to On The Go Rehab about a program of visits from our Dietician.